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News Files and Mods 19 August 2021, 15:54

author: Adrian Werner

NFS Heat Looks Beautful and Meatier With the Unite Mod

The UNITE Heat mod has received version 3.1. It's a powerful project that improves both graphics and gameplay in the racing game Need for Speed: Heat.

New version of the UNITE Heat project, which is the most important mod for Need for Speed: Heat, has been released. The update is numbered 3.1 and focuses on bug fixes (both in the mod and in the game itself) as well as improvements to the graphics and music.

Need for Speed: Heat turned out to be quite an average game, which did not meet all the expectations. Promptly, the fans rolled up their sleeves and started improving the game. UNITE Heat is a package of essential mods, which not only makes the game prettier, but above all much better in terms of gameplay.

UNITE Heat improves the lighting system and removes ugly filters that blur the image and add grain. Sound effects have also been heavily improved.

The mod set also expands car customization, not only expanding our options, but also making it more realistic. Big changes have also taken place in chases. Police have much more effective AI and especially at higher levels of danger escape requires a lot of skill.

UNITE Heat also extensively reworks the driving mechanics. While the basic version of the game is purely arcade, with the mod it transforms into something between an arcade and a simulation. If you played Need for Speed: ProStreet or Forza Horizon you will find something similar here.

In general, with UNITE Heat applied Need for Speed: Heat becomes a much better title, worthily continuing the tradition of the series. The mod is all the more important because EA already ceased the development of the game last year, and for the next installment of the series we will wait at least until 2022.

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