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Watch Dogs 2 - Ultimate Overhaul Mod v.1.4.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Ultimate Overhaul Mod v.1.4.1 is a modification for Watch Dogs 2, a(n) action game. Download for free.

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last updateWednesday, August 25, 2021

Free download

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Ultimate Overhaul Mod is a mod for Watch Dogs 2, created bty TheDuckyOne and HeySlickThatsMe

Description (in author�s own words)

This mod tries to add as much new stuff and improvements to the game as possible. Ultimate Overhaul includes the best mods out there, and even includes new never seen before ones and other new self-made improvements.




Permissions and credits


Join the official Watch_Dogs: Modding Discord and head over to #wd2_modding.

You'll be able to ask any questions here regarding the mod. You'll be helped with bugs here much faster than you would be on the forums.

WARNING: we do NOT advise you play story missions with this mod enabled. This mod is only meant for after you've completed the story. It is usable whilst playing the story mode but will ruin the game's pacing.

So I spend loads of time on this mod adding some extra things to the game, adding some QOL improvements etc, but it also includes dozens of other mods.

Here's a list of all mods included (I know all of the authors of said mods and have full permission to include them):

  1. HeySlickThatsMe's alpha version of the Freeroam Demo Mod V2 (quite a lot of things were added/removed though to make the QOL better).
  2. Some snippets of HeySlickThatsMe's Natural San Fransisco mod.
  3. HeySlickThatsMe boundary removal mod.
  4. Tervels E3 V2 mod.
  5. mlleemiles Black Nethack mod. (this mod also fixes a bug where there'd be a heavy framrate drop when going into nethack so a must have)
  6. HeySlickThatsMe better parkour mod V0.5.
  7. Obelix's less intrusive GPS markers mod.
  8. C4PT41N_BOMB4RD's complete car on demand mod.
  9. Yorpies rebalanced police mod V2 (absolute must-have mod).

So here's an explanation of what's new in Freeroam Demo Mod V2:

- There are a lot of new weapons, most of which are scrapped ones from Watch_Dogs 1, but there's also a cut Watch_Dogs 2 weapon. Some of these even have new textures.

- New outfits, and you can now even take off every clothing piece you want (even Marcus his boxers, but Slick made some anti-measures so you don't have to see Marcus naked, we don't want unneeded nightmares, do we?)

- You can now inject your own LUA scripts into the game via the tilde key.

- You can still choose to be another character like in the first Freeroam Demo, but there are no broken animals now, and Sitara and Wrench have actual working voices taken from the final mission in the game, where they also had voices).

- A lot of unloaded areas are now automatically loaded in, no need to activate them via DriverSF anymore.

- You can now airbrake! So you can just fly through walls and go look at some areas you couldn't look at normally.

- A cut mission with Horatio is now in the game.

- A new pause menu!

- New story areas! The FBI office is now accessible per example. And actual enemies now spawn in these areas.


Z + X = Change Player Model (Cycle through a list of few story characters, includes voices and profiles, some are buggy)

Z + C = Toggles Godmode

X + N = Change Time of day (Adds +1 Hour to current)

Insert = Toggle Airbrake

~ (Tilde) = Inject custom script from custom.lua folder


Per usual if you want to install the mod open uPlay, navigate to WATCH_DOGS 2, click on properties and locate the "Local files" section.

Now press "open folder" and go into the "data_win64" folder, paste the two patch3 files here from your custom graphics files (the "Better Graphics" or "Normal Graphics")

After this also copy the "scripts" folder from your custom graphics file into the "data_win64" folder. (NOT ONLY THE LUA FILE, THE ENTIRE SCRIPTS FOLDER)

  • Last update: Wednesday, August 25, 2021
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 214.2 MB

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