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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! - Unofficial Community Patch v.2.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Unofficial Community Patch v.2.2 is a modification for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, a(n) action game. Download for free.

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last updateSunday, May 19, 2019

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Unofficial Community Patch is a mod for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, created by Jim Raven.

Description (in author�s own words):

Re-Balances Many aspect of the game in order to make weak guns that you'd always toss or dont even pick up viable option. Same for Skills and other gears. ALSO Makes all gear farmable instead of world drop/grinder only


Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Unofficial Community Patch

By Jim Raven

With A LOT of help from the community

Special thanks to 00Schmidt Nikitazed Ja_fortune Ugyuu The_Nocturni FromDarkHell Apocalyptech.

Thanks to Kazy/Sheep and xirie for Helping organising the Patch Notes into One File

And last but not least ShadowEvil and LightChaosMan for their amazing Contributions to the community

General Features

Early game has more gun types

2x EXP in UVHM

Moonstone now has auto-pickup

Enables fast travel to Eye of Helios, Sub Subconscious and Deck 13.5 (EOS fight)

Fixed Maliwan Cryo Pistols so they actually spawn now

Fixed an issue with some Old Hyperion not getting matching grip bonuses (Thanks to FromDarkHell)

Chubby Stalkers now have a 2% chance of spawning

(Special Thanks To Apocalyptech for the next 5 Features)

Skinpool Reassignement has been added to TPS UCP. Right now this doesnt do anything but it helps with importing other mods

like Cold Dead Hands From Apocalyptech

The MORQ Chest now Respawns Closed everytime you savequit

The CutieKiller Chest now respawns Closed everytime you savequit

The Heartfull Splodger Chest now respawns Closed everytime you savequit

Some chests in the denial subroutine were broken to never give their content (ammo). This is now fixed

Assault Rifles

Removed Crit penalty from Assault Rifles

Buffed Scav Assault Rifles; nerfed Magazine size to buff Fire Rate, Reload Speed and Damage (Indirectly buffs all Scav Unique/Legendary rifles, except Bossa Nova)

Buffed Torgue barrelled Assault Rifles and now gets buffed by grenade boosts

Increased the Cry Baby's Damage by +50%

Improved Ice Scream's Spinup Time and Damage

Increased Major Tom's Damage by +20%

Buffed Ol'Painful's Spinup Time and Damage

Boosted Shredifier's Damage by +10%

Buffed Kerboom Fire Rate to the same as Kerblaster from BL2


Buffed Scav Pistols; nerfed Magazine size to buff Fire Rate, Reload Speed and Damage

Improved Cyber Eagle's Damage by 20%

Increased Globber's DoT by 30%

Shortens Gwen's Other Head's bullet spread

Buffed Hard Reboot's Damage by 30% and Area of Effect by 10%

Increased Probe's Lifesteal from 5% to 20%, and can now spawn with accessories

Buffed Smasher's Damage, as well as costing 1 Ammo per Shot

Logan's Gun Ammo Cost reduced to 1


Increased Fire Rate on the Company Man

Flakker now has two pellets added, as well as a 10% Fire Rate boost

Fixes Jack-O-Cannon's Vert Grip problem and buffs it

Speed up the projectiles of Two Scoops, added another shot to the mag, and buffed Damage


Increased Black Snake's DoT

Made Boxxy Gunn ricochet more often

Buffed Fast Talker's Damage by 10%

Removed the Self Cryo from the Frostfire, as well as 15% Damage boost and other tweaks


Changes Bolt-action Snipers, fires slightly faster and 50% more Damage

Hyperion Sniper Rifles have increased Fire Rate

Increase Splash Damage of Omni Cannon, as well as a +15% to base Damage

Increased Magma base Damage, DoT and AOE radius

Pitchfork now costs 1 ammo instead of 2

ChereAmie Buffed Crit by 20 Upped healing to 12% Removed Penalties


Railguns now have +30% Fire Rate, and ammo consumed is now reduced to 2 ammo per shot. This indirectly affects the Longest Yard, Excalibastard and the Mining Laser

Gave the Cat o' Nine Tails increased base damage, same as a Purple Dahl barreled Dahl Laser

Buffed Excalibastard Melee Damage to 200%

The Firestarta has more DoT and Elemental Effect Chance

Improved stats for ZX-1, as well as getting a Continuous Damage Bonus

Min min lighter Tripled Projectiles Removed Fire Rate penalty


Minor damage buff to Volt Thrower (10%)

Luneshine Buffs

Serenity: Now takes almost a minute to lose 1 O2

Punisher: Increased to 20% Critical buff

Oxygenator: Killing an enemy now gives 10 O2 instead of 1

Harden Up: Is now +15% Shield Capacity, instead of the previous +3%

Fast Learner: Increased EXP from kills. MAJOR increase to 40% per kill

Boominator: Grenade damage is now +10%, previously this card was inaccurate

Safeguard: Buffed the Shield Restoration from 3% to 10%

Piercing Rounds is unchanged


Buffed Scav and Tediore grenades by 40%

The Snowball grenade now always freezes

Doubles Freeze chance on Cryo grenades

Oz Kits

Renamed all Duality Oz Kits to Variety Oz Kits. Now you recieve the bonuses regardless of being in a vaccuum or atmosphere

Acrobat Oz Kits Melee Boost now works on the ground too

Moonlight Saga health regen boosted by 5x

Oxidizer health regen also boosted by 5x

Freedom Oz kit Now features Movement speed.


Boosted Flying Maiden Damage


Moxx-tails now cost half the amount and last 1 hour

Oxygen Moxx-tail now has an insanely large reduction in Oz consumption

Ammo Regen Moxx-Tail buffed to 1 ammo per second from the previous 0.1 per second

Healing Moxx-Tail now adds +10% HP and some more regen

Elemental Moxx-Tail now also increases Elemental Damage now by 20%

Melee Moxx-Tail is multiplicative and no longer additive

Damage Moxx-Tail is now multiplicative and now has +10% Crit

Loot and Drop Changes

FlameKnuckle Will now properly Drop his loot (The Nukem) on Normal Mode (33% same as in T/UVHM)

Iwajira can drop the Avalanche shield

Belly can now drop the Fabled Tortoise shield

Bosun can now drop the Nasty Surprise grenade

Bruce can now drop the Sledge's Shotty shotgun

CL4P-L3K can now drop the Cat O' Nine Tails laser

Deadlift can now drop the Min Min Laser and Kala shield

Denial Subroutine has a small chance at dropping some hard to get gear, that being Laser Disker, Rerouter, Flayer, Luck Cannon and Nukem

Drongo Bones can now drop the Maggie pistol

Eghood can now drop the Leech grenade

Fair Dinkem can now drop the Cradle shield and the Pandemic grenade

Felicity can now drop the Sham shield

Giant Shuggurath of Ice can now drop the Bouncing Bazza grenade

Lazlo can now drop the Shooterang pistol

Magma Rivers can now drop the Magma sniper and Fire Bee grenade

Meg can now drop the Hellfire SMG

Meat Head can now drop the 88 Fragnum pistol

Mini Destroyer can now drop the Shredifier assault rifle

Nel can now drop the Pitchfork sniper

NotSoCute Badass Torks can now drop the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot shield

Phonic Kraggon can now drop the Freedom Oz Kit

Powersuit Noob can now drop the Major Tom assault rifle

RK5 lootpool fixed and can now drop the Sham shield and Invader sniper

Rabid Adams can now drop the Hammer Buster

Red can now drop the Bigg Thumppr shield and Badaboom launcher, Black Snake SMG removed from lootpool

Rooster Booster can now drop the Mongol launcher

Son of Flamey can now drop the Invigoration Oz Kit

Swagman can now drop the Holiday Event Weapons (Boomacorn, Machine, Ol'Painful and Jack-O-Cannon)

Oscar can now drop the Reogenator shield

Tork Dredgers can now drop the Rolling Thunder grenade and Bonus Package grenade

Superior Opha can now drop the IVF

Wally Wong can now drop the Logan's Gun pistol and Storm Front grenade

Chubby Stalkers now will always drop a Holodome class (white to orange) mod, have a 60% to drop Holodome weapon, and 30% to drop a random legendary

EOS can now drop all DLC weapons, excluding Rerouter and Laser Disker

Quest Reward Changes

Bad Touch from "Voyage of Captain Chef"

Black Snake and Boss Nova from "A New Direction"

Bullpap from "Grinders"

Cheramie from "Nothing is Never an Option"

Company Man from "Voice Over"

Contraband Skyrocket from "Wherefore Art Thou"

Deadly Bloom from "Zen Trap"

Fast Talker from "Space Slam"

Fibber from "Empty Billabong"

Flyin' Maiden from "Enter the Claptrap"

Frostfire from "Fresh Air"

Good Touch from "Rough Love"

Holodome Badass Round now has a chance for Leg Chronicler Class Mod

Lady Fist from "Nova No Problem"

Smasher from "Wiping the Slate"

Made "The Bestest Story Ever Told" repeatable, and rewards a legendary

Made Rosie available in First Playthrough; made the Head available in all playthroughs

Moonscaper from "BoomShakalaka"

Naught from "Pop Racing"

Two glitch rarity weapons from "L33t H4x0rs"

Shock Drop Slaughter Round changes; in order rewards the Probe, Cheramie, Good/Bad Touch and Heart Breaker, with the final round rewarding a random Moxxi gun or the Haymaker

Loot and Grinder Changes

Added DLC legendaries to the Grinder

Added Rerouter and MORQ to Grinder lootpool (and world drop pool)

Added Meganade to Grinder lootpool (and world drop pool)

Added legendary COMs to Grinder lootpool (and world drop pool)

Eridian Vanquisher is now +5 instead of +4

Removed purple shields from legendary Grinder pool and fixed purple spike shields

Made Grinder give more legendaries

Moonstone have 10% chance at Launchers, 5% at Longguns, 3% at Pistols, COMs and Shields

Skill Changes and Class mod changes


Blood Rush cooldown reduced to 6 seconds

Bloodlust now gives life leech instead of of regen at 0.6% per rank

Clarity of Purpose increases 7% per rank

Ephodos now gives 6% Movement Speed per rank instead of 4%

Epicenter gives additional Slame Damage, around 25%

Flash Freeze now lasts 1.5 second per rank instead of 1 second

Fury of the Arena bonuses boosted by 50%

Gun Kata has 5% Gun Damage and 15% Melee Damage per rank, from 3% and 10%

Hades Shackles now lasts 6 seconds and cooldown is reduced to 8 seconds

Invictus now grants 10% Aspis Damage when thrown per rank, increased from 7%

Mercurial boosted to 6% Movement Speed per rank

Overload now has 12% chance to spread elemental effect per rank

Smite reduced to 8 second cooldown from 12 seconds

Superconductor now increased to 15% Shock Chance per rank

United Front range to regen shield is doubled

Vanguard range tripled

You've Got Red on You is now a 1 pointer for the full 5/5 effect


Fuzzy Logic now has 4 ranks

Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold has increased Frag Stack consumption -2 stacks per rank up from -1

Grenade Vent has increased Frag Stack bonus 2 stacks per rank up from 1

Float Like A Bee boosts Melee Damage by 9% per rank up from 6%, also has increased Frag Stack bonus 1.5 per rank up from 1

Hyperion Punch now deals Explosive Damage and has increased Damage per rank, also the animation is now faster and control of guns is returned to the player sooner

Maniacal Laughter has greater Status Effect Chance 13.2% per rank up from 4%, also now boosts Health regen per stack per rank by 0.04% up from 0.03% but only has 150 max stacks down from 200

Wax Off, Wax On has increased Shield Recharge Rate 7% per rank up from 3% and increased Shield Recharge Delay -6% per rank up from -3%

Kick Him While He's Up has increased melee damage 8% up from 5%

Torgue Fiesta no longer deals self damage

Kick Him while he is down has Doubles the amount of health you get from Second wind.

Second wind (By Tediore) now gives you More FFYL Time


Recall is more responsive

Afterburner now boosts Swap Speed by 10% per rank

Cold War has 1.6% Chance to Freeze per rank, and increases Explosive Damage 4% per rank instead of Cryo Gun Freeze Chance

Divert Power's cooldown is now 18 seconds, and Recharge Rate is increased to 24% per rank

Emergency Response has 3% more Fire Rate and Reload Speed per rank

Escalation cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds

First to Fight now adds 5% Gun Damage per rank, with a conditional 40% Gun Damage

Fortify now has 7% Max Health up from 3%

Hard to Kill has double the effect per stack, but half the stacks

Heatsinks has improved Shield Recharge Rate and Delay

Kill Switch now adds Cooldown Rate

Kinetic Armor has Explosive Feedback chance of 60% and +25% Max Health for 1 point

Laser Focus Gun Damage is now +1% more per rank

Man and Machine now boosts Shield Capacity by 6%, and Shield Recharge Delay 8% per rank now replaces Health Bonus

Meteor Slam now has doubled radius per rank

Omega Strike damage increased

Overcharge has increased Movement Speed from 15% to 20%, and now lasts for 15 seconds

Power Fist cooldown reduced to 6 seconds

Rapid Reinforcement now increases Movement Speed to 6% per rank from 3%

Rolling Thunder Wolf Gun Damage per stack increased by .5% per rank

Scramble now gives the full 5/5 effect for 1 point

Shock Absorbers now boosts Sprint Speed by 30%, replacing Gun Damage

Suppression Fire Rate is now 3% per rank

Termination Protocols does more damage and increases Fight For Your Life time by ~4 seconds

Vengeance Cannon is all explosive and cool

Venom Bolts boosts Electrocute Chance by 15% and Electrocute Damage by 20% per rank

Welcome to the Gunshow now has 1% more Gun Damage per rank, doubled Magazine Size, and Recoil Reduction has been replaced by Fire Rate 3% per rank

Zero Hour radius increased majorly


Wanted deals increased damage per star per rank

Due Process now boosts Crit damage 5% per rank and Accuracy 7% per rank instead of Gun Damage, also has increased duration

Jurisdiction has increased Movement Speed 6% per rank up from 4% and increased health regen per rank 1% per rank up from 0.8%

No Pain No Gain is now based on how low your shield is instead of health

Thunder Crackdown cooldown reduced to 10 seconds

Saddle Up movement speed boosted to 6% per rank

Magnificent Six is no longer restricted to non-elemental weapons

Pickpocket cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 4, steals additional ammo directly in to the resource pool and boosts ammo capacity by 10%

Gunslinger now adds ammo regeneration while in Showdown, removed former ability

Bona Fide Grit has increased health regen 0.6% per rank up from 0.4%

Removed Damage Penalty from Melee attack

Restored the Sepia tone effect from Showdown

(COM) Cowboy Com For Nisha Now has Pistol Ammo Regen instead of Mag size


WhiteOut Now has Double Effective Range.

Duchess Halfed Max StackCount /Doubled Bonuses (faster stacking).

Valet Halfed Max StackCount /Doubled Bonuses (faster stacking).

All Glory To The Master Halfed Max StackCount /Doubled Bonuses (faster stacking).

Podsnapery Now Boosts Recharge Rate instead of delay (same value)

A Backhand To Remember now gives 30% movement speed from 20%

Protect Your assets Master Shield/Health 6%/5% Servant Shield/Health 5%/4% From 4%/3% and 3%/1% respectively

Wait for it is now 2% sniper dmg per rank from 1.4%.


Bolster Health boosted To 4% per Rank from 3% ( 20% from 15% at 5/5)

Diversify Now adds 15% Damage to your Digi Jacks

Resolute Damage Resist Buffed to 25% from 17% at 5/5

Winning Movement speed Upped to 6% from 4% per rank (30% from 20%)

High Frequency Trading buffed to 20% from 15% per rank

Incentive Stacks no Last 12 Seconds from 10

Merger Cooldown Reduced to 12 seconds from 20

Supply and Demand Health Regen buffed from 5% to 8% per rank. Ally bonus to 50%

Laser Surplus Now adds 25% Slam Damage

Absolute Advantage Rocket effect buffed from 4% to 6% per rank


Added an Optional For Meat Unicycle (Remove it or make it the only action skill available)

Guaranteed Phonic spawn

No Spybugs in Cortex

Spawn only COMS of your Character

Changed Chronicler Of elpis to more personalised COMs

Revert Darksiders DropRate Nerf

Weapon Slot SDU Changes to get em earlier.

(Jack) Sponsored By Dahl Now adds an extra shot on the dahl effect

Removal of Muffle sound effects on vaccuum

Refill Vendors. Buy full ammo in one click

Make Vendors sell Blue and purple. Self explanatory

Make Luneshines appear in the wild.

Nisha's Action Skill Sepia effect Remover. Makes the screen 99.9% Less sepia when using her skil

Double Drop Rate.


Cheat Code as a glitch gun (Sanity checked)

Sledges to RoadRunner (a vladof alike shotgun)

Striker to Penetrator (a laser shotty)

ChargeShot Mining Laser (Aim down the sights to boost the dmg while dramatically reducing fire rate and increasing ammo cost)

Fruitfly. Make Blowfly spawn in all elements (Sanity checked)

Viral Marketeer In all elements (Sanity checked)

Fremington Edge to White Feather (Reverse sniper. does drammatically less crit dmg to the point where body shots are more effective. Dramatic dmg increase )

Fatale In all elements (Sanity checked)

Remove partlock on Longnail (Sanity checked)

Make Hammer buster a better spinigun

Turn Flakker into Carnage ( Nukem Shotty )


To install use Borderlands Community Mod Manager.

  • Last update: Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 110.4 KB

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