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The Guild 2: Renaissance - game update v.4.21 - Download

Game update (patch) to The Guild 2: Renaissance , a(n) strategy game, v.4.21, added on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

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last updateTuesday, August 11, 2015

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*** Fixed Bugs ***

- ModLauncher: various bugfixes

- number of necessary inhabitants for city-level up was shown


- sometimes it was possible to have 2 Imperial Cities on a map, what

led to the doubled amount of imperial offices

- incorrect error message with guild items, if city had not the right

to have a guild

- while viewing the list of the guildmasters, the city name could have

been shown incorrectly

- sometimes the message of exhausted resources could be spammed by the


- Error with random events fixed

- An error prevented the AI from using toad slime and toad excrement

- the measure "Embezzle Public Money" should no longer end in an

endless loop

- Partners could go away from the bathtube while using the measure

"Take a bath with a partner"

- Outlaws are now being hunted and killed by the guards

- Lovers cannot be employed by AI or other players anymore

- Wedding in the monastry: both partners now go at the same time to the


- AI can now use "Divorce"

- AI will try as hard as possible to get to office meetings and court


- while being at war, a character can no longer be accused

- pregnant women can no longer be tortured

- Medics got stuck if Town-NPCs tried to get treated. Town-NPCs will no

longer visit hospitals

- If Patients didn't have enough money, the hospitals would still lose

the medicine. Now hospitals get their medicines back.

- Now you can't bribe/compliment/flirt to office holders after 16:30,

because this could lead to sims leaving the townhall during the

council meetings.

- Fixed a random bug with town guards, which escorted you forever

- The AI gets a new measure which will prevent them from going bankrupt

(depending on difficulty setting)

- Probability of black death, the ratboy, etc. are now dependent on the


- when crashing into each other, one cart could stop his movement

- office sessions could get stuck

- you can again take credits at the guildhouse

- Using the measure "Quacksalver" could cause problems with the AI, because

they where not able to transfer the content of their inventory to the

inventory of the hospital.

- Young AI Dynastymembers could participate in the production of goods

- Automatic Trade routes do not stop anymore

- Wenches no longer stuck in front of the pub. They will search for new places


- Fixed an protection money-exploit: If your demand is rejected, you will get

a cooldown on further protection money atempts

- robbers will now remove items from their inventory if the robbercamp's

inventory is full

- robbers will no longer follow previously attacked carts

- robbers will no longer have "the bag" in their hands, if the robbercamp's

inventory is full

- dead characters do no longer receive random events

- player carts could stop their route, but it is possible that they get stuck

because of the "spinning-carts"-bug

- Healing diseases no longer removes all additional talent boni due to a workaround.

(Many thanks to Sublogic for his input!)

- Because of a bug with the pathfinding, caused by the construction of a building, some

buildings could no longer be entered. Therefore we developed a workaround, which should work

in most of the cases.

- Cemetery AI is now working again!

- Sims don't get stuck inside the stonemason's building

- The thief-measure "disguise" now has a duration of 1 hour as intended

- Sims that are not in the active player group don't get the message "you are awaken" anymore

- The AI now also needs the right nobility title to insult someone.

- Fixed a bug in the behaviour of the royal guards

- various small bugfixes

*** Features & Content ***

- new option for the frequency of office sessions:

every round, every 2 rounds or every 4 rounds

- Hannover is available in-game again

- New Map: Ulm

- New Map: Pressburg and Vienna

- The Shadow-AI now can court and marry

- Married AI couples will now always go for the adoption of orphans if

they have no children

- Married Shadow AIs will start with a child

- The Owner of Mines can now hire Mine-Guards

-> These strong guards will protect the mine for 16 hours and can not be controlled

-> There is a cooldown of 24 hours, Player have to pay 1000 gold

-> The AI will protect their mines whenever they can

*** Balancing ***

- When holding a worship priests better their faith

(thanks to LordProtektor)

- Fisher: Now gets more Hering and Salmon

- higher spawnrate of Hering and Salmon at market on maps, without


- After a burglary you can only get as much money as the owner of the

building has

- Price for forced marriage now dependent on the level of the


- Minimum cost of the forced marriage is now 1500

- doubled the amount of healthpoints of the mine

- increased amount of healthpoints of the woodcutter's hut

- Protection money fully rebalanced: now depends much more on the building's level

- Market/Item-adjustments.

- Cemetery gets first item-ugrades for free

- The weight of some ressources have been reduced because of some problems

- The mine is much more expensive to build and also now needs to unlock upgrades for Gold and Gems. All mine-upgrades are quite expensive.

- The measure "Curse building" is now much more likely to succeed if you have a high "secret knowledge" skill

- We fixed an exploit, that allowed to hire henchmen and sell their stuff to make high profits.

- We fixed an exploit, that allowed to marry high leveled spouses: you can no longer hire an employee, fire them and marry them to get a well trained new family member.

Employees who get fired will now be resetted.

- Mercenaries get more profit and lose less favor.

*** other ***

- Vienna now is "Small Town"

- Pressburg had two blackboards

- You can now enter the guildhalls in Vienna and Pressburg again

- Vienna-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding

- Hannover-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding

- Resources on Hannover should not collapse anymore

- Hannover-Map: added Danquardessen as counting house

- various texts reworked

- while executing various measures, characters now run instead of


- you don't need to pay, if you want to change your faith in your

own church

- men can no longer arrange danceshows

- the "donkeyteam" vanishes after 12 hours

- You can't get insulted while you are at home

  • Last update: Tuesday, August 11, 2015
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 329.6 MB

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