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RAGE - Rebalance v.10062015 - Game mod - Download

The file Rebalance v.10062015 is a modification for RAGE, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateSunday, March 19, 2017

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Rebalance is a mod for X created by id.Dav. This mod adds a whole new level to play, it can be accessed via Wellspring. But the main goal of the mod is to rebalance Rage the way, should have been in the first place, at least on higher difficulties. id offered us a lot of stuff in Rage, player choice, however the biggest problem was that they didn't actually motivate player to make that choice, coz there were no actual need in using everything in order to survive, you could easily go to a mission and punch with your fists everything and everyone to death. That's not right! So no more Rambo style, only tactics and smart resourceful gameplay. This mod was made with ultra-nightmare difficulty in mind with health regen disabled! It was tested on ultra-nightmare and game can be completed with all side missions including sewers and Scorchers. But changes affect other difficulties as well.

Mod features:

- Damage

  1. -all weapon damage has been decreased exept for pulse cannon, rocketlauncher, mind control bolts, RC-cars, grenades, explosive bolts, railgun, sniper rifle.
  2. -pistol with standart rounds now the weakest weapon, but still throughtout the game player collects a lot of pistol bullets, so it will help player anyway (headshots are wellcome).
  3. -fatboys does less damage, but headshots still very effective.
  4. -fatmammas still very powerfull, but not as powerfull as in vanilla game.
  5. -standart buckshots is still very effective in close combat, but will require more shots (headshots are wellcome)..
  6. -to keep fun, clip size for standart buckshots have been increased to 12, fatboys to 8. Buy count is also increased to 12 and 8.
  7. -feltrite rounds still very effective against armored enemies, however standart rounds are not, so keeping feltrite ammunition is really important.
  8. -rebar ammo damage decreased so it will take 2 shots to kill non armored human enemies, it was done to prevent rebar from being an unlimmited ammo, shoot 2, pick up 1 (headshots are wellcome).
  9. -all player meely damage has been significantly decreased, so don't bet on it that much.
  10. -sentrybot now serves more as a support, unlike vanilla where one sentrybot could complete sewer mission without player's help. So player now motivated for upgrading sentrybots, sentryturrets, wingsticks.
  11. -vehicle and racing part hasn't been changed. However on ultra-nightmare both wasteland and optional racing are more challenging.

- Economy

  1. -mostly changing sell/buy prices on different ammo types, ingredients, schematics, upgrades. Some increased, some decreased.
  2. -junk sell price decreased as well as feltrite price, so player need to scaveng every possible area to survive.
  3. -player now highly motivated to play mini-games, complete side quests to constantly refill his funds. But also be smart on spending cash. Player can't have everything, but it's still possible if you are skilled enough and smart;)
  4. -remember that ultra-nightmare difficulty have higher prices for some resources.

- Other

  1. -apothis infusion now gives more health
  2. -armor upgrade gives more protection
  3. -defib charge time slightly decreased
  4. -bandages restore 120 health
  5. Since mod was designed for classic manual healing, that changes does make sense.
  6. -Enhanced particles like body explode, head explode, flesh, metall, ground, glass, wood, cloth, clipboard impacts.

- New content

  1. -New single player level 'Wellspring underground'. Integrated into main Rage campaign, but it's optional.
  2. -A stand alone survival map.

How to install: Extract downloaded archive in to your Rage folder, it is somewhere under (...steam/steamapps/common/Rage), confirm replacement! Then through steam launch "Play Rage 64-bit with Mods (unsupported)"!

  • Last update: Sunday, March 19, 2017
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 1971.1 MB

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